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Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt entire industries, while the cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 movements brings with them a new financial system that can help anyone around the world to engage with the financial system. DeFi, the metaverse and NFTs have masses of untapped potential, and with Web 3.0 projects becoming ever more attractive to institutional investors, the importance of making complex subjects relatable to potential investors and users has never been more important.
This is where CONTENT:ED Writing comes in.

    It is a fact that many Web 3.0 projects lose out on investment, both from angel investors and the crypto community, due to the poor quality of their written material. In many cases, the quality of the writing doesn't reflect the quality of the idea.

    This is where CONTENT:ED Writing can help. We can dramatically improve the quality of your written content in all its forms, making your ideas come across clearly and quickly, giving your project the boost it needs to make it stand out from the rest.

    We have worked with companies and projects in almost ever sector of the Web 3.0 and blockchain space, from NFT projects looking to create a backstory for their collection to Bitcoin mining companies requiring content for a new website.

    CONTENT:ED Writing founder and head writer Mark Hunter has worked with companies in the blockchain and Web 3.0 space since 2017, becoming one of the top crypto content writing companies around, with many repeat customers.

    We also accept payment in cryptocurrencies, proving that we put our money where our mouth (or pen) is.

    If you’re a Web 3.0 project head, why not speak to us to see if we can help elevate your content to a level where it outshines the competition and truly lets you stand out from the crowd?

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