Do you have an incredible story to tell? Do you have a unique insight into something that you think the world needs to hear? Do you have a passion you want to share?
CONTENT:ED Writing can help you put your knowledge, experience or imagination into words.

CONTENT:ED Writing founder and chief writer Mark Hunter has over 15 years' experience in writing both fiction and non-fiction books in a variety of genres, working with a huge range of clients in the process. These range from a property tycoon to a member of a Mafia crime family.

Mark has worked with would-be authors of all backgrounds, ages and writing standards to get their books completed. Some are individuals who have been sitting on an idea for a novel for years and need some help getting it onto paper, while others are experts in their field who want to share their experiences or philosophies with the world.

At CONTENT:ED Writing we will always suggest the best route for you to follow in achieving your goals...even if it means not working with us. We only take on clients who we believe have the desire to see a project through to the end.

No matter what the subject, from a personal biography to a murder mystery set on the moon, CONTENT:ED Writing  combines the insights and knowledge of the client with targeted supplemental research to produce a work that perfectly reflects the vision and the voice of the author, whose name, naturally, is listed at that of the author.

If you have an idea for a novel, a true story or an insight into a topic that needs to be heard, contact CONTENT:ED Writing today and take your first step towards making it happen.

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