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Recently, there has been a shift away from using social media channels for customer/client outreach and a return to long-form communications like newsletters and blog posts, which can better illustrate a company's philosophy and connect it to new customers who share its values.
Because of this shift, now more than ever content is king, and CONTENT:ED Writing can help make sure your web content, blog posts and newsletters truly reflect your organisation's values and allow your products or services to shine.

Numerous surveys over the years have found that poor quality content kills potential sales (you may have experienced this yourself from the buyer’s perspective), but the problem is that unless you know where you’re going wrong you won’t realise that you are a victim. You could be missing out on clients, users, or customers because your content isn’t doing your product or service justice.

CONTENT:ED Writing is your one-stop-shop for creating engaging and productive web, blog, and newsletter content. We have a proud history of working with companies to ensure that whatever they produce, be it a monthly update or a brand new website, readers are met with attention-grabbing, compelling and effective content that truly reflects what the company, project or brand is all about.

At CONTENT:ED Writing we can help with:

  • Website content – SEO-optimised web content selling your service or business

  • Newsletters – Composing newsletters or updates with company/product updates and other news

  • Blog posts – Creating blog content, offering viewers an insight into the company for a more personal touch

And that's not all - if there's something you want to do that's never been tried before and that needs some sizzling hot content, we're here for you. Just drop us a line with your requirements and we'll see if we can't help you out!

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